President’s Message

The state of Mississippi has statewide and local elections on November 6th. It is important for us all to vote in every election. The work we do as registered dietitian nutritionists can be greatly affected by our elected officials.

If you would like to see who is running for statewide and local offices in your area, click here: These, like all elections, are serious elections. Please take time to reach about each candidate. It is important that we don’t solely rely on a photograph or only the person’s name to make a decision.

If you are not sure where you to go to cast your vote in Mississippi, visit this page: The polling location where your vote will be counted is based on the address that is listed on your voter registration card.

Statesmen and Women are headed to FNCE

The Delta State University Student Dietetic Association is raising funds to attend the 2019 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Washington D.C. October 20-23. Please support these future RDNs by purchasing a t-shirt by October 26, 2018. Contact DSU SDA Fundraising chair Beth Howard at for a full order form and more information, or visit their Facebook page:

Let’s meet up at FNCE!

There are almost 100 Mississippians going to FNCE. If you plan on being there, please let MS-AND President, Lydia West, know! Her email address is

We’re going to take a group picture right after the opening session on Saturday, October 20. Meet us at the FNCE sign. Let Lydia know if you are planning on joining in for the picture.

Make sure you check the weather before you pack. As of October 11, some of the lows may be in the upper 30’s.

University of Mississippi Students Visit the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

On September 28, students and faculty from the University of Mississippi’s graduate Coordinated Program and undergraduate DPD attended the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Pediatric Nutrition Symposium in Memphis, TN. Participants learned about the nutrition needs of infants, children, and adolescents, how to conduct nutrition-focused physical examinations as well as the unique nutrition considerations for critically ill pediatric patients. Breakout sessions offered hands-on practice in performing a nutrition-focused physical exam, and additional information about oncology, breastfeeding, diabetes, sports and eating disorders, as well as speech therapy.

MSU in on Mission: Nutrition

On September 25th, the Mississippi State University (MSU) Student Dietetic Association held its annual Dietetic Internship Panel. This panel is mandatory for juniors and seniors, and highly recommended for freshman and sophomores. Turner Sanderson, a graduate teaching assistant, recently graduated from MSU’s Dietetic Internship Program. Mr. Sanderson started the panel by opening the floor to questions regarding Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS). Terezie Mosby, MSU’s Dietetic Internship Director, spoke next about the Dietetic Internship Program and the requirements to apply. Marie Allsopp, MSU’s Didactic Program in Dietetics Director concluded the panel discussion. Dr. Allsopp gave advice to graduating seniors about choosing a program that would best fit the students’ needs.

Recent MSU graduates were asked to submit videos of their experience working with DICAS, if they choose solely an internship or a coordinated program, and other pertinent information that could assist seniors in their application process. These graduates included Julie Mabry (Memphis VA), Molly Stevenson (Mayo Clinic), Amanda Yanvary (Wellness Workdays), Bryce Thornton (Samford University), Celia Andreo (University of Florida). The panel was very successful and helpful to all whom attended.

Northeast District will meet in November

The Northeast MS-AND will host our first meeting of the year on November 9th from 12:00-2:30 at North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC) in Room 21 in the East Tower. Lunch will be provided. Our two featured speakers will discuss (1) Successful Grant Writing Techniques and (2) Wound Care Nutrition. An application for 2 hours of CPE has been submitted. Please email us at if you have any questions!

Northwest MS-AND

Our district has been revamped this year after a brief hiatus last year. We have proudly come back together to resume our quarterly meetings with new officers elected in early summer 2018!

So far, we have held two meetings this year. Our summer 2018 meeting was held at the Indianola CAPP’s center with guest speaker, Jennifer Moore, MS, RD, LD, who presented on “Plant Based Nutrition: A Guide to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease and Achieve Ultimate Wellness”. There were 22 people in attendance at this meeting.

Our fall 2018 meeting was hosted by the Delta State University Dietetic Program with guest speaker, Ashley Holloway, MS, RD, CSG, ACE-CHC, LDN, FAND, who spoke on “Nutrition Management of Wounds”.  Fifteen people attended this meeting. We look forward to growing our membership and will continue to meet regularly with new and informative speakers!

We were excited to be able to donate $100 to the DSU Student Dietetic Association for their FNCE trip to Washington D.C this year!

Central District’s Welcome Back Meeting

The MS-AND Central District Board hosted a meeting on September 20 at Mississippi State Hospital in Pearl, MS. Jacinda Roach gave a presentation on health literacy and how registered dietitians can integrate health literacy concepts into our work to help patients, clients and customers live healthier lives. We are thankful to Valley Services for sponsoring lunch for the meeting.

Golden Eagles are Headed To The Top this Year

The USM Student Nutrition Society’s September 27th meeting was well attended with participants by participants in the undergraduate and graduate classes. The members discussed plans for the upcoming year, including a service project with schools in the Hattiesburg area. Learn more by visiting their Facebook page:

Nutrition Systems Second Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Nutrition Systems recently held its second annual Charity Golf Tournament at Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Raymond, MS.  Proceeds from this event go to benefit the Mississippi Healthcare Foundation. Nursing home administrators from Mississippi and healthcare industry vendors from all across the US joined together for a day of golf, fellowship and charity. Proceeds from this event go to benefit the Mississippi Healthcare Foundation. This foundation helps bridge the gap between the quality of care provided in nursing home facilities and those special emotional and physical needs not covered by insurance policies, Medicare, Medicaid, even family members. The Foundation organizes special outings & events to fulfill life-long dreams of nursing home residents.

Nutrition Systems’ staff and Registered Dietitians have been able to raise thousands of dollars to enhance the lives of nursing home residents of Mississippi and continues to support these efforts in a variety of ways.

Making A Difference

As I sat in on a speech, Innovative Food Access Options, by Erin Smith during the Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference in Meridian, Mississippi, I was drawn to the topic of “food insecurity”, which means individuals do not have reliable access to sufficient quantity of foods.  Most of us are aware that there are individuals who go without the food they need or do not know when their next meal will be, due to finances, transportation issues, or knowledge deficits, etc. But, most of us are unaware of the staggering number of people that may food insecurity may affect. During Smith’s explanation of who is most affected by food insecurity and its statistics, the group that stuck out to me the most, surprisingly, was college students. Yes, college students! According to James Dubick (2016), 48% of college students don’t know when their next meal will be (Dubick, 2016). That is almost half the population of college students in America! Why is this the case? If you can afford an education, shouldn’t you be able to afford regular meals? Not necessarily. Most full-time students are simply unable to maintain normal living expenses. Some of them are unable to work, and the ones that do may put every bit of their paychecks into school and bills with hardly any left for food. Some have no access to transportation for grocery shopping, and some others simply do not know how to cook or have the equipment to do so. As a college student, I, Jaden Tabat, have experienced on-campus living so I know most colleges might allow you to have a microwave, but no hot plate, oven, or stove top. How are we supposed to cook foods with just a microwave without eating ramen noodles five times a day? We simply can’t.

As an aspiring dietitian, I know the importance of food and its influence on your life so this really bothers me. I decided to team up with some of my fellow interns, Kaitlyn Hall, Montana Bryan, and Amber Jones, to organize a “Lunch and Learn” for high school seniors and college students to teach them how to cook quick, dorm friendly meals that are delicious, easy, and affordable with only a microwave. Participants will be able to try the recipes themselves for free. We will also have handouts detailing the available food resources in their area like food pantries, community gardens, and farmer markets. It will be on the Delta State University campus as a convenience for college students who do not have transportation. It will take place on November 16, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. noon in the Foods Lab of Ewing Building, Room 149. Flyers will be posted all over campus and at nearby schools. I know this will not solve food insecurity, but if it helps at least just one person, then why not? If you are interested, we’d love to have you there. Help us make a difference one person at a time!

Written by: Jaden Tabat and Amber Jones, CP Dietetic Student/Interns in the Dietetic Coordinated Program at Delta State University.


Dubick, J. M. (2016, Oct.). Hunger on campus: the challenge of food insecurity for college students. Retrieved from National Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness: