August 2017 Newsletter

Greetings to all of our Members of MSAND! 

Have you considered serving on the Board of Directors  for the Mississippi affiliate of the Academy? It’s a great way to promote our profession, get to know other dietitians in the state, and learn new skills. New board members start their term June 1. Terms last either 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years (depending on the position). A person with good communication skills and knowledge of social media would enjoy the Council of Professional Issues (CPI) position.

Stephanie Yow has served in this position. The first year she was Chair-elect and assisted the Chair in the tasks associated with the position. The second year of the term, she became the Chair. In this role,she communicated current events and trends with the Board of Directors. Social media has been quite useful to make RD’s aware of relevant information. “It really doesn’t take too much time,” she states. “If you’re already on social media, you can easily post to Facebook or Twitter”.

If you are interested in knowing more about upcoming positions to be filled on the Board of Directors, check the position descriptions here or on the MS-AND website. Refer questions to the current chair of the nominating committee, Carol Ball, at or 662-312-6315.

Northeast District Update

At the Spring meeting for NEMSAND, we hosted a panel of speakers to discuss the local Farm to School program in Tupelo, Growing Healthy Waves. Will Reed of Native Son Farm, Steve Hale of St. Bethany Fresh, and Donna Loden, coordinator for Growing Healthy Waves, inspired a motivating discussion about ways more fresh, local fruit and vegetables are being promoted to children in Northeast Mississippi. Growing Healthy Waves has projects throughout the school year that provide children in the Tupelo Public School District education on nutrition, botany, biology, and culinary arts through school gardens, visits with farmers, local food taste testing- just to name a few. Growing Healthy Waves currently is blessed to have a Foodcorps volunteer and serves as a community rotation preceptor for multiple dietetic interns throughout the year, offering a unique combination of practice in nutrition education, school policy, and horticulture.

Second Century Updates

The Second Century fundraising campaign is well underway. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the campaign! We hope you’ve been sharing the Second Century “I Donated” GIFs, memes and badges for your member donors to use on social media. Also, please help us spread the word on how to donate by visiting us at Donors also can become a member of our Second Century Giving Society. (Learn more here ).

Earlier this summer, the Academy Board of Directors approved three Innovation Projects to move forward into the next phase of development, which includes the creation of detailed business plans and high level concept notes. The three projects moving forward are:

  • Lifestyle First: This project strives to create a future where nutrition and lifestyle interventions are universally prioritized and credentialed food and nutrition practitioners are independent health care providers for the delivery of these prevention and treatment services.
  • Nutrition in Population Health: This program’s goal is to transform our health system by emphasizing the fundamental prevention strategies of food, nutrition and lifestyle through projects supported by grants.
  • Global Nutrition Collaborative: This international initiative will accelerate progress in improving health by building a global coalition of credentialed food and nutrition practitioners, dietetic associations, and global food, nutrition, and health organizations.

More details about the projects will be unveiled later this fall. Any members interested in learning more or contributing to Second Century efforts, including the projects, are welcome to reach out to the Second Century staff at
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is encouraging all members to attend FNCE this year to celebrate 100th year anniversary and invites you to join the “First Party of the Second Century”, also known as the Foundation Gala, at the Crystal Gardens on Navy Pier in Chicago. You can learn more and buy your ticket here. A vision is like a roadmap for an organization, providing direction for growth and transformation; over the course of 2016, the Academy focused their efforts on gathering feedback from members to ensure a shared vision. Now that 2017 has arrived, the Academy is focused on accelerating improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition.” How are you playing a part in executing the Academy’s mission this year?


Don’t forget to check out the Centennial memes and GIFs as well as the Second Century fundraising memes, GIFs and badges#OurSecondCentury
Alisha Jones
Second Century Liaison, MSAND

Academy Updates

ACEND Standards
The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) is writing to keep you informed of our standards development work.  A copy of the July and August Standards Updateare posted on the ACEND Monthly Standards webpage.  Monthly Standards Update  In the July issue the similarities and differences between the 2017 and Future Education Model Accreditation Standards are noted, as well as new questions related to both sets of standards and the demonstration programs. In the August issue the application process for the first cohort of programs is discussed as well as questions related to both the 2012 and Future Education Model Standards.
The Future Education Model Accreditation Standards for Associate, Bachelor’s and Graduate Degree Programs were released on June 19, 2017.  ACEND invites programs interested in being accredited under these standards to apply to be an early adopter demonstration program.  The Standards and information about the demonstration program application process can be found at:
Beginning on July 13, 2017, the monthly Virtual Town Hall meetings will be held on the second Thursday of the month at 1 PM Central Time.  The ACEND Standards Committee periodically changes the time that the Town Hall is held, so that people who were not able to attend in the past due to scheduling conflicts may be able to join us now.
Please share this information with your constituents/colleagues.  If you or they have questions, please send them to or call 312-899-4872, so we can respond to them.  Future editions of the monthly update will include these questions and an ACEND response.
Academy’s Heart Failure (HF) Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines on EAL
Just released! 2017 HF Guideline with recommendations on medical nutrition therapy, energy and protein intake, physical activity, sodium and fluid intake, and more. Members and subscribers, please login to access the content at; non-members can purchase a subscription.
Membership: Refer and Win
Share the value of membership with your friends and colleagues by participating in the 2017 Refer a Colleague Program. The more new members you refer between July 1 and September 1, 2017, the better your chances of winning free Academy memberships for you and your referral. To get credit, make sure your colleague enters your name in the “Referral Information” section of the online membership application and both of you will be eligible to win free Academy memberships for the 2018-2019 year. Help the Academy grow by pointing your colleagues to!
Latest MNT Provider
What are the risks of EHR shortcuts?  What is the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier? Can other health care professionals, beyond RDNs provide and receive reimbursement for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services by third party payers? Which FNCE® 2017 sessions should I be sure NOT to miss?  The answer to these questions are in the latest MNT Provider
Transforming Vision into Action Award Recipient
The Council on Future Practice is pleased to announce that the project titled The Use of Computer Assisted Instruction to Teach Nutrition Focused Physical Examination” was selected the first-ever Transforming Vision into Action Award. The project was submitted by Jennifer Tomesko, DCN, RD, CNSC from Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. Recognition for this award will be given during FNCE® 2017.
The Council on Future Practice’s Transforming Vision into Action Award is a new pilot award in its first year. The finalists were selected by a panel of judges and the award recipient was determined by an Academy member vote. Learn more
New Payment Streams for Services Provided by RDNs in Primary Care 
The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is a national advanced primary care medical home model that aims to strengthen primary care through regionally-based multi-payer (private payers and Medicaid can participate) payment reform and care delivery transformation.  The CPC+ launched in January in the following states:  AK, CO, HI, KS, MO, MI, MT, NY, NJ, OH, KY, OK, OR, PA, RI and TN.  The practice selection process is currently underway in NE, ND, LA and the Greater Buffalo Region of NY for participation in January of 2018.
CPC+ practices are likely to be interested in understanding how MNT and RDNs can help practices improve patient outcomes in primary care. RDNs may be able to provide MNT for more conditions and deliver a broader range of services (e.g., care coordination and Chronic Care Management services) as part of the CPC+ model.  Payment for services provided by RDNs in the context of the model can be from traditional fee for service payments from Medicare and other payers. Practices can also choose to allocate revenue from the alternate payment model streams (e.g., Care Management Fees) for other services, such as MNT for Medicare beneficiaries for other conditions (i.e. in addition to DM, CKD, post kidney transplant) if practices determine that those services are important to improving patient care and outcomes. Participating practices are required to report and document any additional services and care provided beyond beneficiary/enrollee benefits. You following toolkit can help RDNs understand communicate the value of the RDN in primary care:  RDNs in the New Primary Care: A Toolkit for Successful Integration
Are you already working in a CPC+? Help the Academy build a network of RDNs adding value in primary care.   Not sure if you practice is participating? Look here:
Join the Academy’s online community of RDNs working in Health Care Transformation or contact Michelle Kuppich, RDN, Senior Manager of Nutrition Services Integration on the Nutrition Services Coverage team to learn more
EAL: Call for Topic Experts 
The Academy is seeking topic experts to conduct a systematic review and develop nutrition recommendations in the area of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. To learn more about Workgroup Member responsibilities and to apply for this volunteer position, please visit the EAL (insert link:
Nominations for 2018 Election
It is never too early to start thinking about the future. The call for nominations for the 2018 Election has begun. Nominations for president-elect, speaker-elect and treasurer-elect closes September 1, 2017. All other nominations are due October 25, 2017. The Nominating Committee is looking for leaders with the skills and vision to further the profession. Please visit to view the positions available on the 2018 ballot and download the nominations form.

Academy Papers: NEW-Published July and August 2017
The new Academy Position Paper “Interprofessional Education in Nutrition as an Essential Component of Medical Education” was published in the July 2017 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. You can access this position paper on the Academy website.
The new Academy Practice Paper “Classic and Modified Diets for Treatment of Epilepsy” was published in the August 2017 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. You can access this practice paper on the Academy website.
You can access all of the Academy position and practice paper web site at:

MS-AND Member Discussion Board

We have created a private forum for MS-AND members to communicate with each other to share resources, ask questions, and interact more. To subscribe to the discussion board simply send an email that contains your full name and Academy ID number to and you will be approved shortly.

Once you are subscribed you can post directly from your email by sending your questions, resource, or discussion topic directly to The group has been quiet so far, but please don’t be shy! This was created for us to interact more effectively with each other.

Consumer Protection Reminder

I am Constance Shelby, the Consumer Protection Coordinator for MS-AND. As we work to provide excellent serivce to patients, just a reminder to let us know about instances of both harm and success you hear about other practitioners to help promote the entire profession.

If you would like to report any stories of harm or success, please email them

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