NEW! MSAND Monthly Newsletter


I would like to welcome you to Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I look forward to serving as your president. My goal for this year is to bring awareness to the amazing things the membership of MSAND is doing statewide. Our accomplishments are too great not to share with others.

Please take the time to explore our website: There you’ll find district news, annual meeting updates, job announcements and more. Our newsletter will be published monthly. If you have news you would like to share, please submit it to our executive director, Carrie Kiley, at by the 10th of each month. Also, like our Facebook page: @MSANandD. I look forward to corresponding with you throughout the year.

Again, welcome!

LaShaundrea B. Crook, MS, RDN, LD
Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Update from the Central District

Rebecca Turner was selected as the nutrition expert for endurance sports to sit along side some of the top sports medicine physicians in the state for an educational seminar entitled The Best Kept Secrets To Set Personal Records In Every Area of Your Health, Fitness, and Race Career…Guaranteed. Attendees learned the latest in physical therapy, mental training, precision nutrition, and sports nutrition.  

Update from the South Central District

The South Central District had our Summer Social on August 2nd at Hub Lanes! We also collected items to donate to the Edwards St. Food Pantry, specifically targeting hurricane preparedness items for the current Hurricane season. We will be sending out info on rejoining for this year and Membership Appreciation Night soon!

Consumer Protection Reminder

I am Constance Shelby, the Consumer Protection Coordinator for MSAND. As we work to provide excellent serivce to patients, just a reminder to let us know about instances of both harm and success you hear about other practitioners to help promote the entire profession.

If you would like to report any stories of harm or success, please email them

August is National Breastfeeding Month

In addition to being a member of MSAND, Stephanie Yow is also a member of the Mississippi Breastfeeding Coalition (MSBFC). August is National Breastfeeding Month. Please see this press release which includes a list of breastfeeding events going on state-wide throughout the month of August. Please share any events with fellow dietitians or patients who might be interested.